Centralized Cloud Solutions for Restaurants

Be present where your clients are now: ONLINE, with the best instruments possible, to grow and develop your food business.

Your Customers

Your Brand

Your own Mobile Aplication 

Your own Online Shop

APPY Restaurant Solutions
and everything is under control
Advanced POS Functions

Getting scheduled or normal orders, kitchen screen display, delivery map for call center and for drivers, order history, printing invoices, receipts, production tickets or product labels and much more.
Test our system and see how easy it is to manage your work.

All Orders In One Place

Get orders from: your web page, your own native app, from calls, from waiters* or directly from the clients at the tables* and even from food order portals.
Manage everything and control easily. 

Intelligent Statistics

Precise data will help you make wise and quick decisions. The system constantly provides the most important information so that you can manage your business even more efficiently. 

Increase the Profitability

Optimize restaurant expenses  - reduce portal commissions and expensive marketing, do better services with less people. 
Increase sales with most efficient marketing tools. Attract more clients using loyalty programs. Optimize day to day operations.


Stop working for others, keep the profit for you.

A flat monthly fee means more money back in your business, at a time where this matters the most.

What is APPY Restaurant Solutions?

Centralized cloud solutions for any E/M-commerce business in food industry. Everything you need to take orders, manage your kitchen, manage deliveries, track drivers and DELIGHT CUSTOMERS. 


Native Mobile Applications for Android & iOS

Best instruments for taking orders and to communicate with your customers.
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Web Shop Integrated in Your Website

Fast, mobile responsive, accessible on every device, its an important component of our solution.
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Administrative Online Panel

for setting up locations, services, delivery areas, payment methods, products and product categories, printers, email templates, and more;
Schedule an online presentation to view all the functionality


Order Management Platform

for daily operations. Best tool for optimizing day to day activities.
Taking orders, manage orders from "new" to "completed", printing receipts, production tickets and products labels, kitchen screens, delivery maps, reports and statistics and many more;
Schedule an online presentation to view all the functionality

For Whom?

Any restaurant or other business in food industry, online shops, events, and many others. 

Are you in food industry and you want more clients, better workflow and a single solution from taking orders up to delivery of the products to the clients ? if so, Appy Restaurant Solutions is for you.

Your own mobile app is a necessity now, when the preferred instrument form communication is mobile phone. Your business must be present on clients phones.

Be where your clients are - ONLINE,  with mobile responsive web shop and native mobile applications.

One or many locations with same brand

multi branded restaurants group

one or many food trucks

hAPPY Customers

Best methods for placing orders

• mobile native apps
• mobile responsive page integrated in your website
• and even phone calls

Desired Services
All of the features your customers love

• Take away • Delivery • Group Ordering & Catering • Table Orders
• Normal (ASAP) or scheduled orders
• Discounts and Loyalty Programs
• Contact-less services and more

Any Payment Type
Cash | CARD | Points

• Cash or card at service time
• Online with credit card
• With loyalty points, online or in the restaurant

Live Notifications
Customers Get Notified in Real Time

• As soon as you confirm the order, your customer receives notification that it’s been accepted and it’s in the works
• No room for errors. (push notifications on important steps of fulfillment process)
• Monitoring orders in progress directly from their account


Food order portals are useful only for getting new clients. Afterwards, get your returning clients to order from your own online ordering system (via app or web). Reclaim your loyal customers and stop paying 10-45% of each order to takeaway portals or others.


Reward customers, encourage a higher spend. Give them points based on prior orders or on some events.


Web and mobile loyalty module for earning, managing and redeeming points. In sync with our Marketing tools, loyalty is very effective for increasing engagement, orders values and repeat visits.

Essential Tools For Your Business

• Your own native mobile apps, online shop integrated in your own site and perfect services for clients are the best ambassadors for your brand and business.
• Stand out in front of your customers with the best loyalty programs and promotions.
• Communicate easily and efficient with them and they will love your brand. 

• Create one by one or direct import from text files.
• Full details for products definitions: multiple pictures, different variants and extra toppings/elements that can be configured by customers in the process of ordering. No more mistakes and unsatisfied customers, let them choose exactly what they want!
• Infinite products availability and discounts available for each product category in relation to time intervals, clients and service types. For example:
            • 20% Discount for all Pizza's on Monday between 9.00 and 13.00
            • 15% Discount for Take Away available every day.
• Multi-language support for mobile applications and web shop.
• Advanced multi-location support (different products, categories, online payment settings, ...) 

• All clients in the same database ( from web, app, restaurant) •  Analyze client open carts, preferences, order history and bring them back with proper messages and incentives •  Promote online, analyze results and optimize and improve marketing activities • Promotes Repeat Ordering • Digital menus • Push notifications directly to your customers ...

Appy Restaurant Solution equips you with the tools to keep your customers coming back for more: insights, reporting, push notifications, and other marketing services to engage with your customer base.
Drive more orders and more app downloads using Restaurant Marketing Channels

• One or many locations, with the same or different brand, fixed or mobile that flexible is our solution.
• One or many delivery areas for every locations, each with special settings: minimum order value, delivery fee, trash-hold for free delivery, estimated delivery time;
• Special discounts per product category, for delivery, if needed;
• Print self-adhesive labels for products;
• Define as many order statuses as you want, along with the push notification message associated to them. For example: Order Ready For Delivery, Order Assigned to a Driver, Order Picked up by Driver, Order in Delivery to the client, Order Successfully Delivered, ...
• Work with your own drivers or external fleet, only for your restaurant or for a group of partnered restaurants.
• Optimal route for drivers along with the most important information for them, in order to deliver the foods on time.
• One click operations, directly on the map,  for easy management of orders in delivery.  ( reserve, pickup orders, deliver orders, ... )
Live map overview with all the information needed ( drivers, orders, delivery times, …), and many more.

• One or many locations, fixed or mobile (food trucks) offer your customers easiest way to order your food.
• Special discounts per product category, for take away, to motivate clients to come for products.
• Organize packages with auto-numbering function or select manual assignment. 
• Special screens at pick-up point, with orders situation.
• Skip the line function for those who pay online.
• Print self-adhesive labels for products;

Take control over your kitchens. Install one or many kitchen screen displays and you’ll never miss another order in the chaos.

• A consolidated view of all unprepared items across all open tickets.
• Manage easily individual orders or group orders.
• Clear color-coded for new products, in progress or finished products. This makes managing the kitchen far easier for the head chef.
• Measure and Improve Cook Timing.

Impress your customers with a perfect service.

Restaurant Marketing Channels

Every dish starts with a recipe. Same goes for restaurant marketing. 
There’s no such thing as one size-fits all when it comes to marketing your restaurant. Learn effective ways to use the following popular restaurant marketing channels:

• Promote your Business online;
• Increase website traffic and application downloads;
• Target the right customers;

• Create and promote your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page, where you can engage with your customers;
• Implement “Shop Now” / "Install app" button on Facebook;
• Produce weekly content;
• Engage with your customers;
• Increase website traffic and application downloads;

• Send recurring marketing emails to your customers;
• Promote your current campaigns, web shop, mobile applications;
• Boost Sales;

A great and simple way to show your customers tht you have your own solution: mobile app, online web shop.
Present your loyalty program, marketing campaigns.
• Convert your walk-in customers;
• Place a Flyer together with every order from a Food Portal;
• Print a brand new menu and highlight your web shop and mobile apps;
• Distribute your new menu;
• Stick your official web shop and mobile apps in your windows and on your walls;




  • Online store for taking orders, with payment methods: cash and card on delivery / pick up;
  • Product management platform;
  • Complete definition of products with images, variants and additional elements (topping), in multiple categories (max. 5);
  • One active location, with pick up and / or delivery products, with a maximum of 50 products and multiple delivery areas;
  • Implementation in 24 hours;

  • Up-gradable any time to custom or full package.


for the best price



for full package

Additional modules
Native Android mobile application 

 +149 Ron/Month

Simple presentation application or with active M-Commerce, it will be listed in the Google Play Appy developer account.

Native iOS mobile application     

+149 Ron/Month

Native iOS app, available for listing on your developer account in the App Store.

Advanced order management platform

+290 Ron/Month

Extended functionalities, such as: multiple order states; printing tax invoices, production vouchers or labels for products; kitchen screens; dispatch screens; screens for deliveries; employee notifications; telephone taking over of orders; and more.

Landing page

290 RON

Home page for your online store or for your mobile application, made with the design elements and content you make available to us.

Mobile application development support

1490 RON

If the admin interface seems too complicated or you just want us to do the application setup, choose this package. (defining categories / menus, products, design and content based on the materials provided)

Online shop creation assistance

490 RON

If the admin interface seems too complicated or you just want us to do the application setup, choose this package. (defining categories / menus, products)

E/M-Commerce extra features

+100 products

+20 Ron/Month

Additional location

+149 Ron/Month/Additional location

Extra E/M-Commerce location with the same brand and products, with unlimited delivery areas, each with different parameters: minimum order value, delivery fee, free delivery threshold and estimated delivery time.

Additional independent location

+490 Ron/Month/Additional location

Extra E/M-Commerce location with different brand, categories and products. Different settings for online payments. Unlimited delivery areas, each with different parameters: minimum order value, delivery fee, free delivery threshold and estimated delivery time. Different app pages for every locations.

Web shop on your own domain;

+40 Ron/Month

Extended marketing tools 

+60 Ron/Month

vouchers, loyalty points, loyalty cards

Online Payments

+90 Ron/Month

with direct payment from customers in maximum 3 days, with a commission of 0.95%, through netopia-payments.com

Group orders

+50 Ron/Month

available in the web sales module; (only with the OM order management platform)

Import/export webhooks for any platform

+90 Ron/Month

Connection plugin with your own POS software

+149 Ron/Month

Enable external independent delivery persons or services

+80 Ron/Month

Login with Facebook

+20 Ron/Month

Available in mobile app and in web order module

Easy and Affordable

Easy access from anywhere in the world to all functionality;
No additional software installed on your devices - all you need is the Internet and a browser;
Use via computer, tablet, phone. 

Flexible Pricing Policy

No purchase of software;
Pay as much as you use on a monthly basis;
Change the necessary modules according to the current needs.

Extra 20% Discount

Get extra 20% discount for yearly payments


  • Be part of the modern business world. Have your own native Android/iOS app and E-Commerce web site, kitchen screens, delivery platform and more, all of them in a single independent cloud platform.
  • Easy and short implementation period. Start selling next day (max 5 days) - with our help or on your own;
  • Cheap. Pay fixed monthly fees, depending on the packages used;
  • No sales commissions.  Keep all the profit for you.
  • No long-term contracts. Use our solutions as long as they support and enhance your business;
  • Increase efficiency and incomes. 
  • Develop and strengthen your brand. 
  • Build and grow your own client data-base.
  • Successful marketing tools.


Call at +40 728 858 989 or leave as a message to schedule an online presentation or a call, to give you more details, to ask for special offer, to test our solution or to start implementation.

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Online ordering is a great method because it automates the buying process. Customers have access to your full menu online, and they can pay using their card. It also frees up restaurant employees from having to operate the phones, as well as ensuring orders aren’t missed.


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